Is it Difficult to Change Managing Agents?

Not at all. You are free to choose whomever you prefer to manage your investment property – especially if you are not completely satisfied with the current agency. When you make the decision to move across to B2B Property, we ensure a stress free transition. We arrange all necessary paperwork and will liaise with your current agency up to handover day and arrange to collect all of the documentation relating to the property and tenants. Tenant will be contacted and provided with all our contact details including bank details for all rent payments.

What About Water Charging?

Water consumption charges can be passed on to the tenants as long as the minimum criteria as per legislation is met. You are able to charge water consumption to a tenant if;

  • The investment property is individually metered
  • The tenancy agreement states that the tenant must pay for water consumption, and;
  • The investment property is water efficient.

If your investment property is not water efficient, a plumber is generally able to fit the correct requirements and issue a WELS 3 water certificate which will allow you to pass on the water consumption charges.

If the property does not comply, an agreed amount can be charged to the tenant if it has been stated on the general tenancy agreement for any water usage in excess of the agreed amount.

Can you pay other property related bills?

Most definitely. B2B Property can arrange to pay your property and water rates, body corp levies and insurances on your behalf. It is an easy way to maintain a comprehensive expense record for your property. Your statements will have a breakdown of all charges to assist with making tax time a little easier.

Got a question? Get in touch, we’ll be happy to help.